What Business Coaching Can Do For Your Business

Through a coachng process, your business coach will help you clarify your direction, strategise your actions and develop your skills.


What is Coaching?

One can not coach a business or organisation, one can only coach people. Given that the environment within a business or organisation is often a reflection of the skills of the people running it, SkillMasters definition of coaching is…

“to expand the skills and paradigms of individuals so they can become the best they can be through a process of education using the tools of self awareness, motivation and encouragement”


How does a Coach Do This?

A Coach helps people to...

  •   Clarify their direction.
  •   Strategise their actions.
  •   Upgrade their skills.
  •   Optimise their environment.
  •   Master their psychology.


Why People Hire a Coach

People will hire a coach based on 5 factors

   1.  They have a goal.

   2.  They are unhappy with their current situation.

   3.  They are having difficulty accomplishing their goal.

   4.  They see that the coach understands their situation and can see what they are going through.

   5.  They feel that a coach can help them overcome their challenges and accomplish their goals.


Business Coaching Programs

No "off-the-shelf" programmes here! In consultation, you and SkillMasters will design your program to fit with what YOU want. 

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