As two young entrepreneurial sprits with a rapidly growing business, we quick realized that we needed support in ensuring our business foundations were secure.  It was simple ideas like business planning, visions, values, documented job descriptions, performance reviews, dashboard reporting, documented process documents, and an ear to listen when we needed it, that we required.

In March 2006 Rob McTague arrived on the scene.  With weekly catch up meetings, we documented weekly and monthly targets, focus points and discussed any issues the business was facing.

With the support of Rob and the Action Coaching business we developed a sound business platform on which the business could grow.

Thanks Rob! 

Nicola & Craig Relph, Products Direct, Wellington


Robert McTague has helped us to move our business forward by improvements in advertising, staff team building, cost controls, business focus and customer awareness.

Although this business is capped by Government Licensing rules, the result during the period since Robert began coaching has been an increase in turnover of 60% and a decrease in my weekly hours from 60 to about 45.

As a personal coach, Robert has always been punctual, encouraging and focussed on what needed to be achieved on a daily basis.

I highly recommend his services to other businesses wanting to move forward.

Joelle Gregorious, Happy Days Childcare Centre, Upper Hutt


... The paperwork side was very disorganised... we weren't doing the stuff we should have been doing. The main thing we got (from the coaching) was identifying those things that we have to do... it nade a huge difference. The people around me know more about what's going on and personally I can sleep at night knowing things are much more organised. I would say definately have a look at it (the coaching)... it's certainly helped us having somebody else to soundboard off and make us do the things we knew we should be doing.

Denis Crouch, Cavalier Homes, Wellington.(Extracted)


"In a few short months Rob has helped turn my business around from the brink of failure to a point where my biggest challenge is dealing with the sheer volume of work coming in. Running one very small marketing campaign with Rob's guidance got me more market response than anything I'd done in the previous 2 years. Coupled with this, Rob has keen business savvy, an undying enthusiasm and constantly pushes me to do different things in order to get better results. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rob's services to other business owners - in fact I already am.

Paul Bennet... MoveForward


We engaged Rob McTague in early 2008. Our business had been operating satisfactorily for a number of years but needed some expert help to take it to the next level.

Within weeks of commencing coaching we faced the dilemma of losing a key staff member and the challenge of a global community in trouble.

Robs guidance and steady hand helped us to explore effective ways to grow and develop our business, focusing on the things that we could do better, and how we could identify and recruit the right people to join the team to make it happen.

As a result of this input we have expanded the team with two highly motivating and inspiring team members, and have established an effective service department. We are currently working on creating systems within our operation that enable it to work smoothly and seamlessly.

Rob worked with us to produce a letter that we have used to invite a selection of our customers to have their systems serviced. The letter was a resounding success. 37% of those contacted accepted our invitation and more than half of those have agreed to another service in two years time.

While we are faced with many challenges in this current environment, Rob’s input helps us keep an eye on the important aspects of business as he continually challenges us to embrace the abounding opportunities available.

Peter Muller, Beam Central Vacuum Centre, Upper Hutt


We have been working with Rob since December 2010 and have found him to be very professional, good at keeping us on track with the tasks he has set and

keeping us motivated and moving.  He also has a great talent for writing radio ads and has helped us with lots of advertising and marketing ideas.
Leanne, Waikanae Mower Services


Rob and I worked together during the second half of last year,  I found him to be very professional and knowledgable in his approach…but at the same time persuasive enough to keep you on target. He is full of ideas that are both practical and easy to implement that help businesses move forward.

 Deborah Parker…Quality Sheds NZ LTD


 Rob McTague has been a great coach to me, guiding me in developing a clear vision for my business, full of good ideas about developing my systems, encouraging when it’s time to step out of my comfort area, firm when I’ve wavered, full of celebration with each success whether small or large. We have achieved a 65% increase in fee revenue over a 12 month period.

Alasdair Keane, Keane Associates, Upper Hutt


As a business owner, you can become complacent.  You can start to believe that decisions based on past experience or gut instinct are satisfactory.  Momentarily this happened to us…. Until… that is, our coach gave us the shake-up we needed.  We had made a gut feeling decision, regarding a $250,000 deal, but once discussing this decision with Rob, he remind us (with some required force) that a SWOT analysis could be a good business decision making tool.  Once we had followed his advice, our decision was reversed!  And now we are very pleased about that!  Thanks Rob

Craig and Nicola Relph, Products Direct NZ Ltd, Wellington

We have found your advice useful in the day to day running of our business. Although we had many systems in place already from the Meticulous Maids Franchise we found that you were able to add value to these and to suggest others that have been of benefit. Our business has improved as a result of our sessions and discussions, and it will continue to do so in the future.

Jody & Heather Seabrite, Meticulous Maids, Wellington(Abridged)


… I considered my business to be well-run as I was able to take 3 months of at a time to travel overseas, and I was not essential to the running of the business although certain management decisions were not handled by any other staff member.

… One of the immediate benefits of working with a coach was the amount of information available on my doorstep.

… I looked more closely at my systems and policies and procedures, and realized there were a lot of areas that needed fine-tuning and expanding upon.

… Staff recruitment has become a far less stressful and emotional time for me.

… I have had a shift of thinking, when I would previously interpret a crisis looming,  I now see it as an opportunity for change. This reduces my stress level considerably.

… The biggest advantage has been the way I emotionally run the business. I am now less concerned with being accepted as a colleague, and more concerned with getting the job done and not worrying about what my staff really think of me.

Thanks very much for all your help Rob!

Kara Mulvein, Central City Physio, Wellington  (Abridged)


.. meetings focused us on separate areas of the business that needed to be overhauled. This helped us focus and set goals for our business. Robert challenges us to think differently and to develop and implement ideas. Robert has introduced us to techniques and processes that have improved our advertising, customer service and systems and more. By testing and measuring our results, it has helped us determine what changes and processes have or haven’t worked. Over the first 2 years we have achieved a 23% increase in turnover and a 10% increase in our average dollar sale. We are currently running at a 24% increase in turnover for this year. The process of managing our staff and running the business has been improved and made easier. Andrew is now able to take time out from the business each week and we are able to have family holidays away when we want.

I would not hesitate to recommend Robert for anyone wanting to focus on their business and implement strategies to improve their marketing, measuring and managing.

Erica Hanlon, The Cycle center, Upper Hutt (Abridged)

I appreciated the practical marketing help that could be used to grow my business. The regular contact encouraged me to get things done, to work on the business and not be bogged down in daily trivia that did not grow the business.

Using the techniques provided by my coach led to sustained sales increases of up to 36%. I really recommend Rob as a Coach if you want support, practical marketing and management advice that will grow your business and your outlook on life.

David Saddler, Bells Smallgoods, Wellington

“When I first met you for coffee and discussed the coaching philosophy I was fairly sceptical about the benefits…

We are now about 7 months into the coaching and we are introducing and writing down many systems. The major thrust of recording and measuring results was to a certain degree already operating but needed some refinement which is now happening. We have also put in place new business cards and letterheads which has added value to our marketing.

Although our journey is only part we through we have noticed that we haven’t gone through any quiet spots and our turnover is up 12.5% on last years.

Personally the exercise has forced me to get out of my comfort zone and lift my sights from operating an adequate business to turning the business into a high earner. Additionally I am looking to do other things to increase my own financial wealth and well-being which I know I wouldn’t have contemplated had I not commenced the coaching process”

Dave Hewitt. Panda Furniture, Wellington


I have learnt how to run a business as opposed to the business running me. This has helped reduce my stress levels by about 60%. Our turnover has increased 27.2% and our gross profit went up 20.6%. Our expenses reduced by 19%. The implementation of various systems has helped us to reach these figures.

We have found Rob to be very friendly and supportive in helping us get our business to where we want it to be.

Graham Ward, Ward & Isaacs Panel and Paint, Upper Hutt


In 7 months working with Rob we have developed our USP, Guarantee and Positioning Statement which have helped position us in the market place. We have created our Vision and Mission Statements and our 12 Points of Culture which has helped us develop a team unity. We have broadened the base of our business so that we are not solely reliant upon the general public. We have put in place a systems development program including Daily Office Operations, Accounts Payable and General Accounting Systems, Recruitment Procedures, Inventory Systems and Customer Service Systems. Our business runs more smoothly and we have definitely gained “more life” or time away from the business putting these systems in place.

Lee and Sue Rankin, The $2 Shop, Upper Hutt


The weekly phone calls are most important and Robert is there every Thursday at 9.00am. Without the weekly follow up good ideas remain just that. The calls give us focus and accountability.

Adele Hardie, Guthrie Bowron, Upper Hutt


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