Strategic Planning

Providing FOCUS for business growth, people growth and the allocation of resources.


Thinking Strategically


The development of a strategic plan is important in that…                                      


  • It provides a focus for the business…


  • It provides a focus for its people…


  • By developing a strategic plan, you are able to build a goal focused and cohesive management team.


  • A strategic plan defines how the organisation is going to allocate and/or apply the resources it has and what new ones might be required.


If you are to develop a successful Strategic Plan, then having the ability to open up your mind, throw out tradition and what's comfortable and look at the big picture are key ingredients if you are to develop a plan that contains strategies that will provide the best chances for your organisations ongoing growth and success.


Now, you may well have a team that is highly capable for what they are doing tactically on a day to day basis. Most organisations do. Unfortunately, however, not all people are well equipped to step away from tradition and outside their comfort zones when it comes to being visionary and strategic in their planning for the future.


Some people are natural strategic thinkers. Their personalities, experiences, ability to think logically and with common sense allow them to be somewhat visionary. Strategic thinking means taking the blinkers off and looking beyond immediate tasks and our immediate comfort zones. It means having the ability to develop and evaluate alternative courses of action that will maximise the companies success in each of the markets it is involved with or should be involved with.


Most people, however, are not strategic thinkers. They don’t have a high innovative or creative I.Q. and, therefore, have a difficult time getting beyond what is comfortable and known… and that’s just human nature.

Because the strategic planning process involves looking beyond what is currently known, and as the unknown is often frightening to most people, they tend to stay within the boundaries of their comfort zone so finding "creative opportunity" doesn’t happen.


This doesn’t mean that those people can’t develop their ability to be creative in their thinking and begin to think in strategic terms. All they need is a guideline to follow and an external facilitator to work with them who won’t accept their first answer as being the only answer or the best answer. A good external facilitator will ensure everyones views are sought and heard so that input into the plan is as broad and varied as possible.



The Strategic Planning Process Overview


The SkillMaster Strategic Planning process consists of a 2 step process.


1.         The Internal Analysis


To begin the process of developing a strategic plan, it is important to first step back and evaluate where the organisation is today and, to some extent, where it has been. The development of effective goals, objectives and strategies needs to be based on a careful analysis of the business. Understanding organisational strengths and weaknesses, financial results, corporate culture, the critical issues facing the organisation, potential limiting factors, current market position, customer perceptions, and the general condition of the business are all key to establishing a framework for planning.


2.         The External Analysis


The second step in the strategic planning process is looking outside the organisation and assessing what is occurring in the organisations market place, competition, economy, laws and regulations, technology, labour market and other areas that could potentially impact the success of the organization. This external analysis will help avert potential strategic disasters.

If strategies are developed independent of this step, serious trouble could arise in the future. Keep in mind that strategic planning is about resource allocation or application. If the precious resources of the business are allocated improperly through strategies that conflict with external factors, it won't take long for the impact to be felt.


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