Small Business Help - Contacts and Links

Small business help is available for many things. The problem is, not many small business owners know what's available or where to go to get the help.

Below follows a list of links and contacts that can be useful to the owners of small business in New Zealand.



Companies Office

Employmeny Relations Service

Inland Revenue   

               For specific information on commonly searched IRD topics,

               the following links will take you directly to the topic page;

Business Income Tax


Employer Responsibilities

Important Dates

IRD Forms and Guides

Kiwi Saver

Start Up Business Information

Tax Rates and Codes

Tax Arrears  Please Note: The link for Tax Arrears takes you to the website of Tax Debt Brokers. Tax Debt Brokers is an independent, professional organisation that works for the business owner to broker an arrangement between the business owner and the IRD for paying tax arrears.

Ministry Of Economic Development

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise



Business Information

Business Advisor


Payroll Services




Membership / Support Sites




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