Recruitment Made Easy

Recruitment Made Easy

Do you find recruiting staff a difficult, time consuming and costly task?

Staff Attraction can be a stressful time... particularly if you don’t have a process or the tools to make it flow from the time a staff member resigns until the next one is appointed and is trained up to meet your minimum standard requirements.

The costs associated with recruitment are measured as Direct Costs and Associated Costs. Direct costs include Ad Writing, Ad Placement, Time taken to screen CV’s, Interview Time and more. Indirect costs come from a fall off in production through detachment, initial training, lost opportunities and more. 

SkillMasters can provide you with a Paint – by – numbers, 4 x Hour Staff De-selection Process which will reduce your stress, reduce your time involved in the recruitment process and reduce your overall ongoing recruitment costs. To find out more about this process click on the Staff Attraction Link below.

One of the ways to reduce your recruiting costs is to RETAIN the staff you employ. Staff churn is one of the biggest contributors to high recruitment costs and SkillMasters have sourced 2 Tools that will help reduce that churn. To find out more about these tools, click on the Staff Retention Link below.

For an obligation free chat about how we can help streamline your recruitment process, reduce the time it takes to get a return on your recruitment costs and create a team that works from the same page, give us a call now on 0274 452 757 or email  

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Staff Attraction

Staff Retention


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