Launching Brand YOU for Employees

You’ve applied for a job... you have been invited in for an interview... it’s all gone well, you have demonstrated you have the skills to fill the role and then... just as you thought it was all over, the interviewer asks...

Tell me [name]... why should we employ YOU?

How do you answer this question when it’s thrown at you in a job interview?


Step up your Personal Brand!!


As an employee in todays marketplace, if you want to stand out from the crowd their are 3 key steps to take:

                  1. Be aware of how others see you versus how you want to be seen

                  2. Create a CV that becomes your "Sales Brochure"

                  3. Prepare for your interview.

Let us explain...

      Step 1.  Start thinking about how others see you and how you want to be seen.

           This is all about creating value around who you are, what you do and how you do it.

           To help with this we have created the Launching The Brand Called YOU guide where you define your answers to the following questions:

  •  What makes You different?
  •  What's the real power of You?
  •  What's loyalty to You?
  •  What's the future of You?


 When you invest in our Launching The Brand Called YOU Guide you will be guided through:

  •  What a personal Brand is
  • How to identify what makes you different
  • How tointergrate your Values into your brand so they work for you
  • How to identify what Loyalty is and what it really means to you
  • How to put a plan in place to guide your future brand
  • How to put your "Rules of the Game" together for you


  •   A Worksheet to help you make it happen.

  Your DIY Investment ... Purchase it On-line now for just  $27.00


       Step 2.  You explore your career to date and identify the areas of responsibility and the achievements you have had and express them in a logical and powerful manner.

            This is where you visit your CV and turn it into a Sales Brochure for Brand YOU.

To help with this we have developed the CV and Cover Letter Guide which guides you through:


  • The order of presentation
  • How to write an effective Personal Statement that will get you noticed
  • How to list your skills so they stand out
  • How to report your responsibilities and achievements so they support each other
  • The DO’s and DON’T’s of what to include
  • How to get the best support from your referees
  • How to write an effective Cover Letter
  • How to analyse a Vacancy Advertisement so you can target your CV and Cover Letter


  • A Sample CV using our format
  • A Sample Cover Letter
  • The headings and words that will help you put it all together in a powerful format


 Your DIY Investment ... Purchase it On-line now for just  $27.00


      Step 3.  Learn how to market and sell your key attributes and abilities in an interview. The days of 'winging it' on the day have long gone.

If the thought of having to undertake a job interview makes your stomach churn... know that you aren’t alone. What people show on the outside but feel on the inside is very different for more people than you realise!!

To help with this we have developed the Interview With Confidence guide where you you will be guided through:

  • The different forms of interview and how to approach them
  • What to be aware of for the different interview formats
  • Understanding the different forms of questioning
  • What questions should YOU ask at an interview?
  • How to close an interview
  • Understanding the “3 tools of Communication”
  • How to combat your nervousness
  • The “5 NEVER’S” of interviewing
  • The Negative Factors every interviewee should be aware of


  • An “After the Interview” debrief form
  • The importance of “After Interview” follow up
  • A list of 75 questions an interviewer might ask you!

 Your DIY Investment ... Purchase it On-line now for just $27.00


           ... and if you'd like some help and guidance to do it... Contact Us or give us a call on 0274 452 757 for an obligation free discussion about our Coaching options and packages. 

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