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 AskYourTeam came out of our frustration at seeing businesses waste effort and money trying to fix the wrong problems. All were ambitious to perform at the highest level (what business isn’t?) but because they did not know exactly what was holding them back, they threw money in all directions, hoping that one of their ‘fixes’ would do the job.

 AskYourTeam is a tool for leaders that pinpoints exactly what’s holding them back from achieving the performance levels they want.

 Businesses have a lot of data available to them: financial, competitor, customer, employment, health and safety. That data tells you how your business is performing. AskYourTeam tells you why. It pinpoints the areas in your business that are contributing to high performance and, most importantly, the areas that are acting as handbrakes.

 You will know exactly where in the business to direct your effort, across the organisation and in every team. 

 No more guesswork or assumptions.

 You will make the right improvements, and you’ll make them more efficiently.

 Issues will no longer take you by surprise, which means greater focus and faster progress.

 With AskYourTeam, you will know exactly what levers to pull to make your business more productive and profitable.



AskYourTeam taps into what the world’s most successful CEOs know to be the best source of information about any business – your people. Using a simple-to-follow, anonymous online questionnaire, AskYourTeam gathers information from your workforce around the 13 factors critical to business success.

The AskYourTeam system instantaneously puts the  analysis of that information on a plate for you.

 You can see at a glance where your areas of concern are across the organisation with the ability to drill down by individual teams,to learn more about the root causes.

 Your people know what’s really happening in your business and why, and with AskYourTeam, they now have a simple way to tell you.

 Some issues may require longer-term solutions, but it’s very likely there will be areas where you can make immediate improvements.

 By acting promptly to address those, you will send a positive message to staff – and statistics prove that a more engaged and empowered workforce is a vastly more productive one.



 AskYourTeam is for leaders who embrace today’s thinking around the power of people in building high-performance businesses.

 AskYourTeam clients are leaders who want to hear the reality about the state of their business, even if that truth reveals an uncomfortable gap between their aspirations and reality.

 AskYourTeam clients are leaders who wish to develop and grow, and who are therefore willing to shine a spotlight on their own leadership.

AskYourTeam is working for both large and small-to-medium sized businesses: 

  • Large businesses often have diverse locations and too many employees to enable one-on-one interactions. Information filtered back through layers of management is not always unbiased or timely. AskYourTeam is for businesses that want to become a first-choice employer, and an advantage for those that need to manage legacy change without losing ground. 
  • Leaders of smaller businesses often believe they do have their finger on their pulse, but statistics prove that familiarity can be a large barrier to truthful feedback. Many leaders also play multiple roles in the business, and AskYourTeam enables them to focus their efforts on the right tasks. 

AskYourTeam clients value the fact that AskYourTeam reports in real time – they can act fast, no delays.

 They value that their business owns the information and can access it online easily and whenever they need to without further cost.

 They value the ability to focus AskYourTeam on specific areas of their business, to track progress and show that they are taking action.

 AskYourTeam clients understand that AskYourTeam is not a one-off ‘check’ but a sustained programme of improvement.

 In particular, they understand that AskYourTeam  is not a ‘staff engagement survey’ but a tool that harnesses the power and knowledge of their people to identify and eliminate any issues that might be holding their business back from achieving the performance heights they aspire to.

 To discover more about the way AskYourTeam can help you and your organization, Contact Us here or call us now on 0274 452 757 to arrange a personalised tour of how the survey can be personalised to your organisation and the reports it will produce.

Here’s to improving your continued success!

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