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Introducing Rob McTague                                                                           


An international award winning business coach of 14+ years, Rob has successfully worked with business owners in a broad range of industries including…     Panelbeaters, Bakeries, Pharmacies, Joiners, Gymnasiums, Childcare Centres, Food Manufacturers, Florists, Hair and Beauty Salons, Hardware / Decorating Stores, Security and Importing, Cycle Retailer, Clothing Hire, Physiotherapist and Homeopaths, Consultants, Travel Agents, Building Companies, Web Site Builders and Finance Brokers to name but a few.

  To quote him…

 “Being in business is like playing a game. You can participate and have a bit of fun. You can compete and have a win or two but it will always be a tough and close fort battle or, you can dominate the opposition in all facets and win hands down.

 As a business owner, you have the same 3 choices... you can participate in your market, you can compete in your market or you can DOMINATE your market. It is simply a choice. If you want to get the jump on your competition and DOMINATE your market, the driving factor for your success will be your ability to differentiate yourself from the crowd”.

 As the economic climate has impacted on cash flow and profitability, it has made it more and more difficult for business owners to grow their business.

As he says… “There are only 2 ways you can increase profits... reduce costs or increase revenues. If you are choosing to increase revenues, it is important to understand marketing isn’t just advertising in the Newspaper or in the Yellow Pages. You have to market yourself, your team and your business service. If you aren’t marketing the first two elements as a part of the package, you are wasting good money marketing the third. I know we have succeeded when I hear a customer/client say you would be mad to go anywhere else!”

Robs 30 years prior to coaching gained him the practical experience required working both ‘on the floor’ and in management positions within a range of occupations from farming and labouring to warehousing, wholesaling and retailing. This experience has placed him in a position that enables him to relate in a practical manner to the day to day challenges managers and business owners have with managing themselves, their team and associated relationships within and between the different divisions within corporate organisations or just on the floor within an SME business.

His ability to develop and maintain relationships at all levels is one of his key strengths.

As a Social Entrepreneur committed to making a difference, Rob initiated and co-founded a Registered Charitable Trust focussing on educating teenagers and young adults in business, entrepreneurism, life-skills and self-esteem. This Foundation was a key sponsor of the very successful "YES" programme, run in NZ Secondary schools.

During his career, Rob has achieved the following Awards:

  •  NZ Innovative Marketing Award 2010
  • Global Brand Coach Award 2009
  • Australasian Brand Coach Award 2008
  • Finalist Australasian Coaches Choice Forum Coach Award 2008
  • New Zealand Team Player 2007
  • NZ Education Foundation Supreme Award 2006
  • Australasian Action Man Award 2004.
  • Global Action Man Award 2004.
  • New Zealand Team Player 2003.
  • New Zealand Rookie of the Year 2001.



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